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2010 Grand Award Winners

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NCSEF Senior Engineering/Technology Project

  Senior Eng/Technology Projects for NCSEF
    (3503) Two-Point versus 4-Point Measurement of Resistances
        Student: Griffin Wilson
        School: Wake Early Coll Heal

    (3504) Crime Scene Chemistry
        Student: Crystal Martin
        School: Warren County High

NCSEF Senior Physical Science Project

  NCSEF Sr. Physical Science Project
    (3301) An Objective Analysis of Detergent Efficiency
        Student: Tamra Fisher
        School: Dayspring/Cary Homeschoolers

    (3302) Using a Conjunctive Reagent and Isolating Enantiomers through Classical Resolution
        Student: Grant Wilson
        School: Hillside High

NCSEF Junior Biological Sciences

  NCSEF Junior Bio Sci
        Student: Kelsey Ruble
        School: North Garner Middle

    (2207) The Impact of Ripening and Decay When Fruits are Around Other Fruits
        Student: Elliott Parker
        School: Chesterbrook Elementary School

NCSEF Junior Earth/Env.

  Junior Earth/Env. for NCSEF
    (2401) Marsh Madness
        Student: Melissa McBride
        School: St. Timothy's School

        Student: Hannah Newkirk
        School: North Garner Middle

NCSEF Senior Earth/Env

  NCSEF Senior Earth/Env Projects
    (3405) Predicting the Effect of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers on the Endocrine System Using Molecular Modeling
        Student: Diana Gorgy
        School: Wake Early Coll Heal

    (3404) Environmentally Responsible Processing of Nylon 6
        Student: Xavier Joyner
        School: Wake Early Coll Heal

NCSEF Junior Physical Science

  Junior Physical Science Projects for NCSEF
    (2301) The Momentum Maker: An Energy-efficient Roller Coaster
        Student: Broderick Huntwork
        School: St. Timothy's School

    (2307) I Spy Red Eye
        Student: Catie Mason
        School: The Franciscan School

NCSEF Senior Biological Science

  Senior Biological Projects for NCSEF
    (3202) Sensitivity of Human Glioblastoma Cells to Temozolomide is Mediated by Glutathione S-transferase
        Student: Jennifer Li
        School: William G Enloe High

    (3207) The Genetic Diversity of Feral Apis Mellifera Colonies in North Carolina
        Student: Alyssa Ferris
        School: Dayspring/Cary Homeschoolers

NCSEF Junior Eng & Tech

  Junior Eng/Tech for NCSEF
    (2501) All Bottled Up?
        Student: Kacie Bagley
        School: St. Timothy's School

    (2505) Can You Trust the Truss
        Student: Brian Leonardo
        School: Sherwood Githens Mid

    (2504) Can You Trust the Truss
        Student: Brok Oakley
        School: Sherwood Githens Mid

NCSEF Senior TEAM Projects

  NCSEF Senior Team Projects
    (3502) Enhancing solar cell efficiency through coating by flame-synthesized transition metal-oxide nanoparticles
        Students: Ivan Kuznetsov , Yash Mehta
        School: William G Enloe High

    (3606) Host Range Mutations of the Sindbis Virus
        Students: Mykellah Jarvis , Miles Hodges
        School: Knightdale High , Wake Early Coll Heal

NCSEF Elementary

  NCSEF Elementary projects
    (1102) Green on the Roof Green in the Bank
        Student: Mackenzie Westmoreland
        School: Cooper Elementary

    (1105) Which household liquid: coffee, apple juice, vinegar or milk will cause garden beans to germinate and grow best?
        Student: Kelsey Dial
        School: North Raleigh Christian Academy

    (1109) Winds of Change: Exploring Wind Power
        Student: Lauren Barber
        School: St. Timothy's School

    (1165) The relationship between hair's color and its strength
        Student: Catherine Taylor
        School: All Saints Academy

    (1134) Strongest Bridge Design
        Student: Kyle Fischer
        School: Swift Creek Elem

    (1121) Genetic Fingerprinting
        Student: Rebecca Ross
        School: Dayspring/Cary Homeschoolers

    (1113) Egg Free Baking: Is it Flat and Flavorless?
        Student: Sophia Czekalski
        School: Resurrection Lutheran School

    (1143) Crickets:Nature Thermometer?
        Student: Nealee Fisher
        School: Zeb Vance Elementary

    (1141) Animal Prints in my Backyard
        Student: Molly Gilmartin
        School: Timber Drive Elem